One of the most important features of the site is the inclusion of the Sports Information Centre (SIC) which allows visitors to access a wealth of sport information from just about everywhere in the world, inclusive of the IOC’s Museum and Archives.

The intention of the SIC is to ensure that the NOC facilitates the highest level of access to sports information from every part of the world.

Already the SIC on the website allows access to the Sports Library of the Malaysian Olympic Committee, the SIC of the Australian Olympic Committee and arrangements have recently been made to access the IOC’s prestigious Olympic Library and Museum.

Olympic House, headquarters of the NOC at Kingstown park, now hosts a physical Sports Information Centre which allows students at any level, including university, to access the world of sport, especially Olympic sport through available computers.

LA84 Foundation Olympic Information Center

The LA84 Foundation is endowed with surplus funds from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Its mission is to serve youth through sport and to increase knowledge of sport and its impact on people’s lives. The LA84 Foundation supports a wide array of youth sports programming.

LA84 Foundation Olympic Information Center Website

British Olympic Association

The BOA's mission is to transform British lives through the power of the Olympic values and the success of Team GB.

Its principal role is to prepare the nation’s finest athletes at the summer, winter and youth Olympic Games.

British Olympic Association Website


IOC Olympic Education Website

Download publications and kits from this site. Find out all about Olympism and the Olympic Movement, or look in more detail at specific or current topics.


 IOC Olympic Education Website

Dr Beatriz García

Beatriz Garcia is an active researcher in cultural policy and event-led regeneration. Recent projects assess the legacy of cultural programming within major events such as the European Capital of Culture, the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games.

Dr Beatriz García's Website

IOC Olympic Museum Website

Discover the Olympic Museum with its wealth of memories which will keep your passion for Olympism burning.
Young and old, individually, as a family or in a group, come and witness the many different exhibition zones, all packed with history and emotion.

IOC Olympic Museum Website